Full Spectrum Biotechnology Consulting
Full Spectrum Biotechnology Consulting provides strategic business and technical consulting to venture capital firms, biotechnology startups, and biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Our focus is to create and support successful companies by aligning technologies, R&D, therapeutics, and markets. We recognize that success comes from the productive interaction of companies, resources, stakeholders, and customers, and we work with our clients to achieve it. In addition, we provide training, reports, portfolio management, and due diligence services to a variety of venture capital firms.

Biotechnology / Biopharmaceuticals

Our services cover all aspects of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. The group has consulted for companies in all phases of the drug discovery and development process.  We actively seek new technologies and work assiduously to create commercial realizations of novel breakthroughs. Intellectual property creation and management is often a key factor in early success for biotechnology companies and we work actively with our clients to create, license, and protect it.


Startup Companies / New Products

Strategic business consulting for new ventures or new products is our core business. We strive to offer strategic business advice that couples expert business knowledge with superior technical understanding. To maximize the probability of success, we find high value markets for entrepreneurs and work with them to close win-win deals. We work in all areas of startup creation from commercialization plans and business plans to team building and IP portfolio management, and can actively participate in the funding process. Our goal is to create value for our clients. As needed, we develop presentations and pitches, participate in customer, Board of Directors, and investor presentations, as well as licensing and business negotiations. When needed, we can take active roles as interim management.


IT in Healthcare

We have core expertise in the application of computing to solve pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotechnology problems. We have worked with Fortune 200 companies and startups to deliver elegant solutions in healthtech and healthcare IT.



We provide flexible and practical support in corporate operations, alliance management, and project management. We manage multiple objectives, priorities, and resources to maximize success in each project. We build and lead effective teams, and facilitate communication and collaboration among cross-functional team members at many employee levels. We support cross-functional strategic projects for executive and senior management, and have experience working with Board of Directors to review company strategies, objectives, metrics, timelines, and results.

We provide alliance management support to identify strategic opportunities that maximize value for partnered programs. We help streamline scientific, business, and contractual aspects of the partnership by providing alliance governance infrastructure, setting partnership objectives, and developing communication channels and decision-making procedures, to ensure successful outcomes for partnered projects.


Public Companies

We provide retained services for Fortune 500 clients. These include position papers, identifying strategic assets, technology portfolios and plans to commercialize these technologies independent of the parent company.


Venture Capital

For our venture clients, we specialize in in-depth analyses of startup companies. We evaluate the company as a whole, identifying challenges and opportunities, and suggest execution strategies for success. Our specialty is providing forecasts for the optimal applications of novel technologies and assessments of markets for those technologies. We also prepare position papers and seminars for partners.

Peter David, Ph.D.

Peter David has over twenty years of experience in biotechnology and almost thirty years of experience in applied computing, both high performance and embedded computing. Most recently, he served as the CEO and CTO of MedicalCue, a healthcare quality company. Prior to MedicalCue, Peter helped launch Sony into the healthcare space. He has served as an advisor to select venture capital firms. He is an active entrepreneur and consultant to a number of biotechnology companies and a cofounder of BioE2E, a forum for biotechnology entrepreneurs. After solving the yeast RNA polymerase II x-ray crystal structure at Stanford University, recognized in the 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Roger Kornberg, he founded a molecular diagnostics company. Subsequently, he consulted to launch Syrrx, a computationally intensive drug discovery company. He received his masters and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Harvard University, where he worked with Nobel laureate, William N. Lipscomb, and is an alumnus of Oberlin College.


Kerstin (Kiki) Leuther, Ph.D.

Kiki Leuther most recently served as the VP of R&D Operations and Alliance Management at BioElectron Technology Corporation. Prior to BioElectron, she was the Executive Director of Operations and Alliance Management at Affymax, Inc., where she was also the Chief of Staff to the CEO. Kiki is responsible for the central coordination of corporate activities in operations and strategic planning and manages strategic projects with a primary focus on business initiatives that require cross-functional coordination. Kiki has in-depth knowledge of all phases of pharmaceutical product development including R&D and commercial phases, broad scientific expertise, and a strong background in strategic and operational leadership. Kiki has more than 20 years of experience in building and leading effective teams and creating constructive approaches to address strategic opportunities and challenges. Kiki’s experience includes leading global and domestic alliances. Kiki also provides review and editing of regulatory documents (FDA, EMA), manuscripts, book chapters, and web content. Kiki holds a BA degree in Biology (summa cum laude) from the University of Jamestown, and a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Kiki conducted postdoctoral research in Biophysics at Stanford University.

We serve clients nationally and internationally from our San Jose, California offices.

Contact us at (408)614-3362, or via LinkedIn